Rediesthesia : Enhance your Sensitivity to Energetics

Sunday | 9 December 2018 | 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Workshop Poster

In-depth Understanding of Subtle Energies for Learning Spaces

About The Event:

In this workshop, Ar. Mayank Barjatya introduces the Naduhl program which is designed to enhance the energetics of human learning spaces. He will be educating the audience on the basics of:

  1. Introduction of Naduhl and its components.
  2. Space design and geometrical forms that carry the functional energies specially for learning spaces.
  3. What are environmental energies and how they influence us? Types of energies, which affect our mind, emotions and overall well being!
  4. How energies in learning spaces, matter for development of overall creativity of children and teachers?
  5. Energetic Design guidelines for new or proposed learning spaces and their benefits.
  6. Solutions for already built schools and learning centres.
  7. Defining Ying and Yang of learning spaces using H3 Gold Antenna. Harmonising and balancing the ying (creative class) and yang (logical class) resonance using design applications, HBI’s .
  8. Designing ‘Learning Naturescapes’ - Using nature and natural elements to generate energies for specific purposes.
  9. Sensitising Teachers, Students & Parents to be more in tune with each other energetically using principles of bio- energetics
  10. Practical Demonstration to attain : Focus, concentration, grasping & absorbing knowledge, teacher students collaborating learning, students peer energies healthy conflicts and resolutions.
  11. Creating inspirations by using senses. Recreating space vibrations using 6th sense by cosmic connections.

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