Earth Check

Earth energies needs to be checked & verified before we actually plan the earth earth connection,

Normally earth, which feels positive & does not have any geostress is said to be good for earthing, but these geopathic energies needs to be measured beforehand

Geopathy is a earth science  & is a relatively new term that covers the relationship between the earth energies and human well-being.

“Geo” obviously means, “Earth” (or “Land”). The term “Pathic” is a very interesting one. It indicates both a disease, as well as a cure for disease. It also indicates the ability to feel, perceive or be sensitive to specific energies (as in telepathic). The most accurate definition of geopathy is the study of earth energies and their effect on human well being.

There are various types of earth energies, some very beneficent for human health, and some detrimental. In ancient times Scholars and geomancers were familiar with the earth currents; they knew which sites to recommend for building, and which sites to avoid.

We have lost interest in this knowledge in the modern times, and are coming back to it now because there is an increase in the number of geopathic stress and Missing Link related diseases due to ruthless exploitation of mother earth. Read more...