• Client Name Dipti Sharma

    Checked from dowsing and tree of life...

    12 and 45 no of Bakhtambar came. And she was diagnosed with depression and uncontrolled thyroid. She chanted 12 no and 45 no mantra twice a day 10 min each.

    Within 20 days she called me and said 60 percent relaxed in both cases.

  • Client Name Vrinda Dhawan

    Checked from tree of life having skin problem and job security as office people were playing politics and want to remove her so I suggested her to chant 25 and 31 Mantra during sleeping time and after 1 month there was 50% improvement in skin disease and her job was almost confirmed.

  • Client Name Raghunandan Haryana Rohtak

    When checked from dowsing and tree of life

    12 number came and he was very disappointed because his marriage life was very disturb and he was not active in his office and not speaking with other employees after Genting 12  number Mantra relationship got improved and his mind was relaxed he was also suffering from continuous headache without any medical problem so pendulum suggested him for 24 Mantra and he was almost finished off with the headache problem

  • Client Name Anuj

  • Client Name Mahesh Sindhwani

  • Client Name Viki Baveja

  • Client Name Govind Sindhwani

  • Client Name Jeetendra