Bhaktamar Stotra & relationship of lifestyle challenges in todays context.

  1. Destroys disturbances, making way for wealth and peace in life.
  2. Gets rid of headaches and destroys hurdles, enemies and competition.
  3. Improves eyesight and ensures social happiness.
  4. Ensures relief from hydrophobia, problems with digestion and kidney issues.
  5. Ensures relief from any eyes, growth & development problems
  6. Increases mental strength, enhancing IQ & memory skills
  7. Ensures relief from any kind of poisoning such as intoxication, Black magic or hypnotism.
  8. Provides healing energies and support for solutions, discarding any kind of troubles. 
  9. Improves fertility and provides solutions from theft & loss.
  10. Gives the ability to employ people and create teams, ensuring growth in human resources.
  11. Purifies water in the body from salty to sweet by cleansing soaked energies and helps in Kidney related problems
  12. Creates peace in life & at home
  13. Prevents theft and helps avoid travel related fears
  14. Destroys the fear of enemy, protects the Liver & Gall Bladder and ensures wealth & prosperity. 
  15. Helps attain honors & get appreciation within family and work. Also gets rid of nightmares.
  16. Extinguishes unnecessary fire and prohibits law & court related problems.
  17. Ensures relief from gastrointestinal diseases & kidney problems.
  18. Eradicates illusive vision, Black magic, control & hypnotism.
  19. Helps in getting a job, promotion & investment, expanding business and controlling anger.
  20. Protects and improves fertility.
  21. Helps keep family relationships strong.
  22. Removes Esoteric Hazards such as turbulence by ghosts & other evils.
  23. Eradicates mental pressure & stress, relieves headaches and helps solve court cases. 
  24. Eradicates headaches and vertigo and improves growth & development
  25. Provides spiritual control and protection from enemy attacks & the evil eye.
  26. Controls birth related pains and helps with financial issues, marketing loss  and relationships.
  27. Reduces enemies and competition and improves sales.
  28. Ensures profit in business, provides prosperity, fame, victory, respect & glory and cures leprosy.
  29. Eradicates effects of drugs like hemp, belladonna & cannabis and improves will power and mental strength
  30. Ensures relief from fears such as theft and wild animals. Also turns poverty into prosperity.
  31. Improves strength of body & mind and cures skin diseases 
  32. Ensures relief from pain in abdomen and cures diarrhea and leprosy.
  33. Removes all sorts of fever, provides strength to fight and achieve business developments.
  34. No premature abortion:  helps Control thoughts and encourages rigid & firm decisions
  35. Provides better strength & power to be saved from epidemics, hysteria & famine.
  36. Provides improvement in trade of gold & other metals.
  37. Improves attitude to cure people: Healing Space, Doctor & health practitioner
  38. Controls intoxication and provides financial improvements.
  39. Helps find the forgotten way by gaining control over life and business and recovering any losses.
  40. Extinguishes fear from fire and removes hurdles from business development.
  41. Controls poisoning.
  42. To remove fear from the ferocity of war
  43. To eradicate all war related fears in the battle field
  44. To eradicate fear of sea storms
  45. To cure most dreadful diseases like cancer, TB, psoriasis, kidney failure etc
  46. To gain freedom from imprisonment:
  47. To eradicate any type of fear in life:
  48. To gain money from Goddess Laxmi :