Prithwe’s goal is to bring innovative thinking, new ecological forms and interdisciplinary approach to building design education-using nature as its underlying model.

Prithwe provides international approach to architectural education, with research programs in Indian traditional construction systems that explore creative visual expression, living systems thinking, green healthy materials, eco-friendly construction and methods.

Prithwe integrated curriculum which you can design yourself and choose your own subject to learn will quench your thirst for establishing the underlying ethos of Architecture as a holistic Science in following subjects:

  1. Bio-architecture, Biomimicry, Bionic Architecture

  2. Traditional Indian Architecture

  3. Healthy building techniques-

  4. Building biology & building Psychology

  5. Geopathy and Earth Science-

  6. Vedic Town Planning Reinterpretation

  7. Permaculture and Organic Farming

  8. Monumental and Temple Architecture

  9. Dance, Music and Art of Listening

  10. Arts, Crafts and Shilp Shastra

We equip students into experiencing, perceiving and conceptualizing the mind and energies to understand the emerging technologies and their implications on
architectural design.

Join hands in re-designing and re-generating the connection with nature. Lets reunite traditional and technical minds on one platform!


Prithwe Education Philosophy Prithwe Courses Institute Click this link to download Brochure - rochure.pdf