Intelligent, sensitive, and sustainable architectural design is more important and relevant today than it ever was. Just like the centuries-old tree in the rainforest that is in complete synchronisation with its surroundings, human living and working spaces too must be designed as seamless structures. PrithWe provides a simple and genuine philosophy rooted in natural materials and techniques, combined with the wisdom of traditional Indian architecture and philosophy, to provide a unique and powerful path to architectural design that is truly human.


Prithwe Architecture

Earth Architecture

Architecture is the energy manifest, it is substantial, it is the microspace, it is the Macrospace. The indwelling energy is divine being. The living space of God's and human beings is Energy Architecture.
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Bamboo Architecture

The underlying fundamental principles of Energy Architecture is the theme of microcasm and macrocasm, which binds human beings with their physical world, and immediate environment. Whether a city, village, or house it is a self contained entity, within the overall organisation structure and composition of the cosmos.
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Holistic Architecture...

Traditional Energy Architecture had truly been a holistic discipline and as such an architect should have insight of religion, languages, literature, astronomy, maths, astrology, philosophy sculpture and music and other arts, science and technology. In short he should be an enlightened person and a complete ( yogi ) person.
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Prithwe Learning
Current Workshop

Intutive Natural Building

The 8 day residential
Workshop Glimpses.
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Enhance your Sensitivity to Energetics

workshop poster

Sunday | 9-DEC-2018 | Bangalore
In-depth Understanding of Subtle Energies for Learning Spaces
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Workshop held in June 2018
Understanding the Physics behind Energetic Resonance
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Sensitivity in Architecture

Architecture design with Feelings,How do we feel a space? is feelings important in architecture education ?

Induction 2018 Indira Pune

Induction 2018-19 Chief Guest: Ar. Mayank Barjatya Building Biologist, In the presence of Dr. Tarita Shankar - Chairperson Prof. and Chetan Wakalkar - Group Director
Induction 2018-19,

Vaidika Design Fest Indore

Bamboo workshop at Shri Vaishnav Institute of Architecture Indore, design & build techniques with natural material